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Developer empowerment is always on Sunday’s mission statement. In keeping with our commitment, we’re sharing the secret sauce that makes our own games a success. Enjoy our expert insight, knowledge scoops, and in-depth articles, and take your games to the next level!

Hyper-Casual Game Art – Tips & Tricks To Make Your Game Look More Polished!

With these Tips & Tricks you will be having no problems making your game look more polished and helping your Studio to get better KPIs!…
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Doing It First: Testing Hyper-Casual Games with Biometrics

When the market of hyper-casual games becomes more and more saturated, what can we do to keep tickling our players’ brains in all the right places? To answer that and…
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The Comprehensive Glossary of Hyper-Casual

Behind the glossy exterior of a hit hyper-casual game, there’s always a variety of complex processes, metrics, and techniques. Each of them has a name, and if you want to…
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From One-Man-Studio To Team Lead: A Developers Journey!

From school teacher to game lead! We share Daniel Gerlich ‘s solo speech at Hyper Games Conference for those who missed out and those who want to watch it again! Some developers…
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An analysis of the Arcade-Idle-Genre!

Progression breakdown Level based progression In Arcade-Idle, there is always a play area. Also, there is a directed goal to complete the area and move to the next. Each level…
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Headwinds in hyper-casual: How to win in the current market!

What does it take to be successful in the current market of hyper-casual? 🤔 At the last Hyper Games Conference, our Managing Director Christoph Sachsenhausen introduced 4 core pillars to…
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Scoop: 7 easy tips to increase your studio’s output and quality!

The field of Hyper-Casual is evolving fast and can be very overwhelming. Therefore we put together 7 easy tips for you to make releasing your game easier.
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How Sunday increased ARPU D3 by 50% with ironSource’s ROAS Optimizer

Sunday is the 16-person German mobile games studio behind the hit hyper-casual title, Cat Escape, which saw 10 million downloads in its first 3 months alone. Below, Sunday’s Managing Director,…
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To outsource or to bring in-house? How Wooga and Sunday approach playable production

There are a few ways to produce playable ads – outsource production, do it all in-house, or experiment with a mix of both. How do you know which approach is…
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