Get to know the people behind Sunday

We are Sunday

We are Sunday

We create and publish extremely engaging and addictive mobile games with smart and player-friendly monetisation. Learn about our story, what drives us, get to know the people behind the company and our values.

Meet the Team


Business Development Manager
Listens to music 70% of the day


Game Developer
MAXimum kindness


Game Artist
Has lots of love for food and colorful chunky things


Managing Director
Can eat a bag of cashew nuts per day


Head of New Games
Has a whiteboard in his bedroom


Game Artist
Composed music on a Gameboy


Game Developer
Loves all animals


Marketing Artist
Her teacher told her not to do a game as her thesis, so she did


Game Developer
Better at dancing than you would think


UA Manager
Runs / cycles just to eat more ice cream


Game Artist
Lived in six different countries and counting


Game Developer
Wants to adopt a cat


Game Artist
Got a bad cat with fat attitude


Game Artist
1.5x Speed on everything


Game Developer
Hates physics


Game Artist
Forces you to watch funny videos until you laugh


Game Developer
Solved a Rubik’s cube in under a minute


Publishing Manager
Sleeps 4 hours a day

Our Values


go big

In our day-to-day business, we always ask ourselves “what has the biggest impact right now?” and focus on the big challenges, not the small ones. We expect everyone at Sunday to avoid wasting time on things that don’t have an impact. We always ask ourselves first “What would I do if it were my money?!”

Every business opportunity we go for needs to be scalable, that means we will only go for ideas that we can grow big with relatively few people. For that, we often have to go the extra mile.“That won’t work”, is something we never say! We always find solutions, which means we always suggest what should be improved, instead of just describing what’s wrong. We celebrate our success! It doesn’t give us an excuse to take a break but instead encourages us to grow even further.


move fast

To be fast, we will always try to reach 80% of the possible outcome with 20% of effort, rather than building things in a perfect way. Making quick decisions enables us to realise more successful projects. For that, we need to take risks and we will make mistakes. We prefer to accept mistakes, rather than losing big opportunities.

That’s why we build Minimum Viable Products and evaluate their success using pre-defined figures. We always need to be flexible and respond accordingly to changes, new knowledge, and opportunities. Time is of the essence, and that’s why we need to prioritise everything in a clear order.


be direct

We communicate directly and help each other – regardless of hierarchy, position or department. Every opinion counts and everyone can contribute! We give direct feedback and address conflicts openly because we want to improve and learn from one another.

Let’s get to the point! We prefer simple, solution-oriented, clear communication. We save sugar-coating and colourful presentation for our users! Be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else. This is the only way to keep you happy in your work environment at Sunday in the long term.


be sunday

We are an independent company with our own goals, values and way of doing things.

People at Sunday respect each other and stand up for each other! In good and in bad times, we always support each other however we can. Tackling challenges as a team and sharing knowledge with other team members is the key to our success.


have fun

Let’s get sh*t done. And have a good time.

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