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Turning Your Concept into Profit: Step-by-Step of Sunday’s Mobile Game Publishing

Navigating the mobile game market can be challenging. That’s what Sunday is for! Take a deep dive into our publishing process before you apply.
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Navigating Hyper-casual through the Changing Landscape of Mass-Market Casual Games

Sunday’s Head of Publishing Balaji talks to PocketGamer.biz about how the company's focus on players is enabling it to navigate the rapidly evolving hyper-casual market.
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Spinner Merge Success Story: Catching Up on the Way to Two Million Downloads

First pitched to YoBro Studios in February 2022, Spinner Merge was soft-launched in November. Just a couple of weeks later, this addictive game about battle spinners covered in blades…
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How to Enable Success: Interview with Balaji, Sunday’s Head of Publishing

Balaji’s schedule is packed: as the Head of Publishing, he is one of the busiest people on the team. Switching between meetings, studios, and Sunday’s offices, he’s the spark plug…
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In the Spotlight: Sunday’s Publishing Team

Working and publishing with Sunday is an opportunity dozens of studios have already benefited from. We coach and mentor every single one of them, we relentlessly test prototypes, analyze data,…
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How Sunday increased ARPU D3 by 50% with ironSource’s ROAS Optimizer

Sunday is the 16-person German mobile games studio behind the hit hyper-casual title, Cat Escape, which saw 10 million downloads in its first 3 months alone. Below, Sunday’s Managing Director,…
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To outsource or to bring in-house? How Wooga and Sunday approach playable production

There are a few ways to produce playable ads – outsource production, do it all in-house, or experiment with a mix of both. How do you know which approach is…
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Hyper-casual game development prospects in 2022

What awaits developers this year? 🤔 Watch the panel discussion by Anton Horbatov (24 Play), Sergey Martinkevich (Azur Games), Anton Volnykh (SayGames), Balaji Thangaraj Vijayan (Sunday). Moderator: Samy Guillemin (Ketchapp…
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3 simple steps to killer game ideas!

When it comes to ideation, it’s easy to get lost in too many options! 🥴 Check out his three helpful steps to get your focus back! 🔥…
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