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Step-by-Step of Sunday’s Hiring Process (with Tips!)

Thanks to our passion for creating the best games, Sunday continues to grow and hire exceptional talent from all over the globe. Whether you’ve already built a dazzling career in mobile gaming or only plan to enter the field, Sunday can be the next place for you to unleash your full potential and have fun while doing it. Transparency and open communication are important to us, and that’s why we’d like to get you through our job application process and what you need to expect from every step.

Here, at step one, we don’t know anything about you yet, so you’ve got to make a good first impression. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Usually, a simple CV showcasing your relevant experience, and, if relevant to your role, a portfolio, will do.

Skip the traditional cover letter. Instead, tell us about your most passionate project. You can either upload it as a separate document, include it as a short section in your CV, or simply use the comment box of the application form. This is not a requirement, but it certainly is a possibility for applicants with less experience to prove that they are well-suited for the desired job.

Catch some extra tips for building a CV that works:

  • Tailor your CV to the job requirements. Show us that you know what Sunday is about by highlighting the most relevant experience and skills. For example, if you’re applying for a lead position, make sure to include those parts of your work history where you either led a team, mentored it, or hired new employees.
  • Reduce your work and life history to essentials. Focus on the most relevant details that fit the desired role. This makes it much easier for the recruiting team to filter through the information and see your potential. For example, if you’ve already been working for 5+ years, you don’t have to include the internships you did before or the name of the high school you attended.
  • Show your impact. Listing your former tasks and duties is great, but showing what direct effect your performance had on the success of your team will increase your chances even more. 
  • Use numbers and percentages for added substance. Instead of saying “I built a game” say “I built a game with X% D1 retention”. ”Instead of saying “I lead a game development team”, you can make your statement more insightful and effective by going into detail, e.g. “I lead a team of 5 developers and 2 game artists”. By including quantitative data in your CV you help us see how well your previous work aligns with the tasks at Sunday.
  • Include months to the timeline. “2021-2021” is too vague of a period and raises more questions than it answers. Try to include the months to save yourself from the trouble of having to explain your work history at the interview.
  • Make it structured and easy to understand. Instead of stuffing your CV with information and using long sentences, keep it to the point and make use of bullet points for easier skimming.

You will also get bonus points if you include the following sections in your application:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Software skills
  • Desired gross salary (can be a range and not an exact number. If you’re applying from a different country, for a fair estimate research the cost of living and average salaries in Germany, because they might differ from the ones in your country)

If you’re here, it means that your CV got us curious, and we’d like to learn more about you, your experience, and your hard and soft skills. For 30-45 minutes of the interview with a member of our recruiting team, be ready to get more in-depth about everything you stated in your resume. 

These are the tips for a successful interview with us:

  • Practice if you need to. If public speaking or speaking English, in general, intimidates you, take some time beforehand to practice talking about yourself and your experience with friends or in front of a mirror. Our team is international, so we won’t be checking you for proper British English skills, but clear communication is something that can make or break an interview.
  • Don’t be late. However, if the situation is out of your control, please inform us beforehand so we could reschedule the interview or find another solution.
  • Check your equipment. Test your internet connection, camera, mic, and speakers beforehand. Time for each interview is limited, and we’d like to spend as much of it as possible on getting to know each other.
  • Pick a quiet place for the interview. A crowded cafe might not be the best choice. If it’s too loud, we may simply lose or misunderstand some bits of what you’re trying to convey. 
  • Keep your introduction short. If you ever had a job interview, you know that the “tell me a little bit about yourself” part is coming. Think of what you’re going to say beforehand so you could fit all of the essential information in 2-3 minutes. Keep the goal of the interview in mind, and make sure everything you say is relevant to the position you’re applying for. 
  • Loosen up. Remember: we’re conducting this interview because we’re truly interested in hiring you. Our recruiting team wants you to succeed as much as you do, and they have no intention to fail you. Relax, and enjoy the conversation.
  • Be honest and direct. If you don’t have an answer to a question even after thinking about it, don’t try to make anything up, just say it how it is. We will appreciate your honesty! 
  • Let your personality shine. Even though we’re taking the application process seriously, it doesn’t mean you have to put on a mask or act a certain way. Our recruiting team is friendly and sociable, so some small talk or a funny joke thrown into the mix won’t hurt you but might show us that you’re a good cultural fit.
  • Ask your questions. Yes, you’re the one being interviewed, but you can ask your questions too. This will show us that you’re interested in getting this job. If we are your future workplace, why wouldn’t you have some questions for us, right?

After successfully passing the first round of interviews, you’ll receive an opportunity to showcase your job-related hard skills – a test task. It will be something directly related to your future responsibilities, so you don’t have to expect the unexpected. Also, we understand that while looking for a job you’re probably still employed and short on time, so there’s going to be no deadline. However, to ensure a fast hiring process and be further considered, it would be great if you could send back your results within 7-10 days.

There are some things to keep in mind when working on your test task:

  • Presentation matters. It is always appreciated if you go the extra mile to make the results of your work presentable: well-structured and easy to understand. 
  • Think about the context of your job. Do the test task as if you were already working at Sunday. For example, if you’re a potential Publishing Manager, consider not only whether your test task covers all of the required points, but also whether your solution is presented in a way that would convince a studio to become our partner. In other words, think of why you’re doing this task, and what the desired outcome in a real-life situation would be.
  • Communicate. Even though there’s no deadline for the test task, keep in touch with us and let us know if it’s going to take longer than expected. This would not only save us from the need to bother you but also show us that you’re a great communicator!

In this interview, which we usually keep up to an hour long, you’ll be talking to your potential team lead and possibly another team member to go into detail about your test task and your thought process behind the solution. Basically, you can keep the same tips that you used for the first round of interviews in mind:

  • Be concise and straight to the point.
  • Be honest and open.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality.
  • Ask your questions too.

You can already see the finish line, and there they are — our MD Christoph and your potential Team Lead who will have the last word at the end of this application process. Before we can make an offer, either one of them or both will have a chat with you. Don’t feel intimidated, though! Just as Sunday itself, our Leads and Managing Director are down to earth and genuinely invested in hiring you. 

It is also the last chance for you to show it directly to the MD that you are a great fit for the company, whether it’s due to your personal qualities or qualifications. Keep all the aforementioned interview tips in mind, and join the conversation with confidence!

Now, if you’ve been professional, real, and convincing throughout every step, there’s a high chance you’ll get an offer via a call from our recruiting team. You’ve made it! What happens next will depend on the specific candidate and the role, but we will assist you every step of the way, including helping you out with the visa if you’ll be coming from abroad.

As you can see, the process of landing your dream job at Sunday is straightforward, transparent, and absolutely manageable. Are you ready to give it a shot? Check out our current open positions here, and follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to learn about Sunday’s new vacancies. You can also get a feel for our fun office life by following us on Instagram at @sundayisforgames.

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