Developers, own your success story!

When it comes to developing games, the struggle is real – we totally get it. But that’s why we’re with you every step of the way. Instead of bloating our revenue for a quick exit, we believe in long and healthy partnerships built on a common goal of creating hits that stand the test of time.


Fresh Drinks & Food
Own Company Gym
Flexible Working Times
Free Choice of Hard-and Software
Open and modern Office
Monthly Team Lunches
VSOPs and Educational Budget
Public Transportation Subsidy


Spinner Merge
We are consistently running A/B tests to help the studio make the right product decisions.
What we did:
Increased D7 retention to reach higher ARPI.
Tested multiple variations for the icons/screenshots on the store to improve conversion rate.
Assisted the studio with art direction.
Plug Head
We helped the studio to improve the major KPIs and uplift the revenue.
What we did:
Optimize retention by improving level design
Revenue per user uplift by improved monetization
Decreased CPI by finding killer creatives and playables
Fall Break
We guided the studio from testing to successful launch in only six weeks.
What we did:
Supported through the creatives team during the soft-launch and release
Provided necessary infrastructure to scale the game and optimization
Ragdoll Smasher
We provided extra resources in terms of game design to capitalize on ideation.
What we did:
Supported level design for better engagement
Improved marketability via new creatives and UA access
Increased profitability through balancing and automisation
Supplied the game studio with idea and concept and supported every step up to post launch.
What we did:
Creative input during production
Creatives support
Measurable feedbacks pre & post launch


We want to buy your games!

We at Sunday are eager to expand our portfolio and are currently in the market to acquire new and engaging hyper-casual or hybrid-casual mobile games. If you have a game or games that fit the above criteria and are open to potential acquisition, please reach out to us!