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Maximizing Profits by Minimizing Effort: our Winning Formula for Automation of Monetization

As mobile game publishers, we have experienced all sides of marketing — both UA and monetization — first-hand, and there are more of them than just the benefits. After realizing just how tedious and time-consuming it could be to set up monetization waterfalls and manage user acquisition (UA) at the same time, we decided to automate the process — saving us tons of valuable time. We couldn’t have asked for better results; with this one-time switch, our monetization is streamlined and more effective than ever. 

To be completely honest, with the introduction of automation to our monetization process, Sunday was stepping into exciting (yet intimidating) territory. No one from our team had walked this path before, but thanks to some determined research and lots of experimentation, we successfully implemented an automated tool. Learning by doing has always been right up Sunday’s alley!

The Perks of Automated Monetization for Sunday

There are several reasons why automating the monetization process was a smart move. First and foremost, the automated monetization process can be a major time-saver. Instead of manually setting up waterfalls in our mediation platform and each network, the in-house automated tool enables us to shift focus away from tedious, manual tasks toward other areas of our business. This allows for more efficient use of time so that the more important parts of the business, like UA, are taken care of with ease!

In addition to saving time, automating monetization can also improve the efficiency of one’s strategy. With the right tool, tracking and analyzing performance across multiple networks becomes effortless — allowing us to adjust your waterfalls just by implementing minor tweaks and drive up fill rates as well as conversions. Setting up waterfalls manually has quite a large margin for error due to its large scope and repetitiveness, but automation reduces the probability of making a mistake. In return, this brings higher profitability to the business. 

Finally, automating monetization gives us a more holistic view of the business and a sharper focus on UA, which requires much more monitoring than monetization. At Sunday, we believe that unifying user acquisition and monetization allows for smarter decisions. By seeing both sides of the business at once, our growth managers can make adjustments with a full understanding of their implications — leading to improved outcomes. 

Setting up a waterfall manually takes hours of tedious work. Now we are able to complete the same process more efficiently in a fraction of the time.

Our Way of Automating Monetization

Our journey to automated monetization began with the goal of setting up strong and efficient default waterfalls organized by groups of countries with similar KPI performance. We started off by looking into CPM for every network in each country, analyzing the data, and making up country tiers. At the end of the day, all networks perform differently depending on the country and inventory, and it only makes sense to really zoom in and slice that data to reassemble it later in groups by the performance of networks. By doing this, we were able to set up dedicated instances for each network and optimize our waterfalls.

Once we finalized our default waterfalls, our business intelligence (BI) team started working on automating the monetization process. With the BI team handling the automation and the rest of our team focusing on launching new titles, we were able to effectively optimize our monetization strategy — enabling us to optimize our monetization strategy with remarkable efficiency.

Our UA and monetization sides remained closely intertwined. By coordinating them together by one team, we can get an effective overview of our business performance as a whole. Thanks to this approach, if a certain network picks up on the monetization side or even when we test a new network, we can see the effect of the UA side and act accordingly for even greater success (talk about getting bang for your buck!)

The Outcome of Monetization Automation

Automating our monetization process has been a total success! Our efforts have resulted in an influx of time and money — two key ingredients for keeping any business thriving. Now that we’ve automated and streamlined the process, we are able to have monetization set up quickly and launch any game in minutes. Considering the number of titles we work on simultaneously, it’s a huge amount of accumulated time that we can invest into UA and coming up with creative ways to boost our revenue.

The bottom line is, if you’re a mobile game developer, it’s time to crank up your monetization efforts! Automation is the key to reducing manual effort and gaining greater insight into what works. The result? A streamlined process resulting in improved efficiency that could take your business to the next level. With so much potential for success on offer, why not give automation-driven monetization with Sunday a try?

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