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In the Spotlight: The Ambitious Tech Team behind Our Dashboard, Sundash

At Sunday, an innovative and passionate group of tech experts is driven to make game marketability testing and publishing as easy and seamless as possible. Here we call them the Sundash Team. The punny name is not random and comes from the namesake publishing dashboard they’ve developed from the ground up right here at Sunday. They’ve come a long way since the early days of this project, and their journey is a story worth telling!

Let’s take a closer look at the Sundash Team and their journey to building the dashboard that takes the manual hassle out of mobile game marketing for all of our in-house and partner studios.

First, What’s Sundash About?

Sundash is the ultimate dashboard for hyper-casual game dev teams related to Sunday. Whether they’re internal or external, they can use the tool to launch tests and track KPIs on most major networks in a matter of clicks, get valuable insights, and optimize their game development and marketing strategies accordingly. Sundash provides data on key performance indicators like installs, revenue, user engagement, and more. 

Meet the Team

One of the unique things about the Sundash Team is their diverse range of backgrounds and interests. From Kamyar, the team’s resident movie enthusiast, to Sukanya, a girl with unlimited wanderlust, there’s no shortage of personality on this team. But despite their differences, they all share a strong commitment to delivering the best possible experience for game studios all over the globe. And, as cheesy as it sounds, the team’s QA Manager Denys can’t help but compare the Sundash squad to “a small family”. Meet its members:

  • Denis, Team Lead. A seasoned developer with a passion for agile software development and nurturing strong bonds with his teammates.  
  • Kamyar, Backend Developer. A great coder and a movie buff. He can recite dialogue from your favorite film and craft complex algorithms all at the same time.
  • Sukanya, UX/UI Designer. An artist who loves all things design, she creates clean and intuitive user experiences for Sundash.
  • Abolfazl, Frontend Developer. His code is as sweet as his personality, and he always knows the right way to amp a website up with his expertise in React and TypeScript.
  • Karthik, Frontend Developer. Has an insatiable curiosity for all the latest things in tech. If there’s a new way to build a user-friendly interface, he’ll know about it first.
  • Denys (not to be confused with Denis), QA and Release Manager. With a relentless drive to get to the bottom of complex processes, he ensures that every release is thoroughly tested and seamlessly delivered.

Team Culture

The Sundash team is unlike any other team at Sunday. Actually, they’re the only team in the company that makes tech that’s not games. However, what truly sets this team apart is their approach to problem-solving, diverse backgrounds, and dedication to state-of-the-art tech.

According to Denis, the Sundash Team’s culture is what allows them to set ambitious goals and reach them. “We always communicate and hold face-to-face discussions to overcome any possible blockers or issues,” he says. “We also always tend to share knowledge and learn from one another. If someone doesn’t have much experience in a certain area, we compensate for it by sharing. So, we equalize responsibilities, but we equalize the knowledge, too.”

It’s a part of Sunday’s DNA to have fun while reaching the company goals, and it seems that the Sundash Team gets to accomplish that easier than others. In this team, the lines between work and play are blurred. The Sundash Team believes that an efficient developer is one who finds joy in what they do, and it’s true for everyone here. They have fun with their work projects because they entered this industry based on their hobbies and big inspirations.

Building Sundash

The idea for the publishing dashboard came from a desire to streamline Sunday’s game testing and publishing process. At one point, the company realized that there was a need for a centralized platform where our in-house and partner studios could easily manage their games. The product in mind was quite specific and unique, but we built a great team of people with strong backgrounds in their respective areas. It was obviously a success and now Sunday has Sundash: both a competitive advantage and an application to access all of our products in one place to run campaigns, test scalability, and track KPIs.

One of the biggest challenges the Sundash team faced was making sure the dashboard was user-friendly and intuitive for everyone who used it. “We want Sundash to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise,” says Denis. “We work with independent developers and small studios all over the world and not all of them are familiar with deep data. So we process terabytes of data to extract only the most important information that we need to present KPIs in an easily understandable form.”

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Another key factor in Sundash’s success has been the team’s ability to work together and collaborate effectively. The “equalizing” approach for responsibility and knowledge that we talked about earlier seems to be quite effective. What’s the secret? Everyone in the Sundash Team is coming from different cultures but shares the same purpose. Everyone’s success is celebrated, but when someone fails — which no one is ever safe from — the team picks them up and proceeds with communication and understanding instead of pointing fingers. As the result, the Sundash Team can boast of a collaborative environment where engagement is high and communication is healthy. That’s why here it’s always more fun than anything.  

Next for Sundash

Looking to the future, the Sundash team has ambitious plans and a long list of features they will implement on the platform. They want to take it from the current state — a platform for game dev teams with the most essential tools for running and testing social media campaigns — much further. The team has shared the plans for turning Sundash into the go-to dashboard with expanded capabilities. Just to give you a taste of what’s to come, Sundash will eventually be guiding game developers in development phases as early as ideation, giving them an overview of better-performing mechanics, genres, and more. Other plans for the Sundash Team are as grand — stay tuned, because, in the following weeks, we’ll be going more in-depth into Sundash and its possibilities.

Meanwhile, if you want to experience Sundash for yourself and test your games’ performance in a new and easy way — publish with us! 

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