We Publish Next-Gen Casual Mobile Games

Sunday’s mission is to empower game creators by equipping them with all the tech, data, and expert advice they need to make it big. Partner with us and make the games you’ve always dreamed of!

We Provide the Tools

We provide game creators with everything they need – from innovative tech solutions, growth and analytics services, to development support. This allows you to focus on creating great game experiences while we handle the rest.
Our Purpose

is to spread the joyful feeling of an easy Sunday morning to the world by adding creativity, innovation, and fun to everything we do.

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Our Vision

is to transform the mobile industry by becoming the first end-to-end game company that owns and masters every step of the value chain.

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Our Mission

is to empower game creators by providing full-stack solutions to shape the industry of tomorrow.

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Our office is welcoming and fun but we always reach our goals. And so can you if you join us!